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This 230-page book features over 300 figure drawings and quick poses from the live model. Individual chapters highlight topics such as Foreshortening, Light & Shadow, Heads, Drapery, and more, with a stimulating foreword by flourishing artist, Mary Sauer. The Quick Pose includes tips and instructions on making quick decisions while drawing and identifying landmarks to help pinpoint such things as Weight & Balance and Symmetry. These ultimately aid in carrying out speedy, yet beautifully precise gesture drawings. There is great stress on confident line work throughout the book and on the necessity of being committed. Typical class procedures and model setups are also discussed. The artist’s thoughts on figure drawing are presented along with her push towards the importance of getting an accurate feel of the pose rather than a photographic copy of it. Erin writes about how drawing is relatable to life and contemplates on how to achieve that all-elusive balance in getting both an accurate yet intuitive drawing.

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